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7 Reasons to Choose Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

You can connect to your audience with a simple tap thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud's sophisticated features, specially designed platforms, and mobile apps. Sales have never been simpler because of this. In addition, Salesforce's data analytics could help you increase sales by a large amount.

If you don't already have Salesforce Marketing Cloud in your firm, there are several more benefits you should explore before moving forward with its implementation.

The Top 7 Reasons to Choose Salesforce Marketing Cloud Are

1. Understands customer psychology and helps you embrace changes

Salesforce's marketing cloud has a deep grasp of consumer psychology that could help you better understand your consumers' needs and preferences. However, the ever-changing business environment necessitates that you be ready to react to the inevitable changes that will take place in the market.

As a result, Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you embrace change, as well as your clients' varying needs. In order to remain invincible, you must be able to make the correct judgments at specific moments every time, and this helps you grasp the underlying shift in customer patterns.

2. Tailored customer interactions and experiences

Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you the ability to tailor and personalize your online marketing to your target audience based on in-depth knowledge of consumer psychology. Using the personalization options, you can easily add a special touch to every customer conversation.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud's predictive analytics can also be used to enhance the customer experience. Customers' prior actions, such as ordering, sharing with a friend, unsubscribing, etc., can be used to forecast their future actions, such as what they will or will not do next.

Let's say, for example, that if a user exclusively purchases items on sale, they will be informed of any future sales. Customers' preferences are taken into account in the advertising process, resulting in improved response rates and faster conversions for advertisers.

3. Equips you with multiple channels

In order to better serve your customers, Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a variety of ways for your business to communicate with them.

You could use social tools like the Social Studio to respond to interactions from many sources, for example. Using this tool, you can plan out, execute, and analyze social media advertising campaigns. You can also keep tabs on your online presence and have interactions with others.

Use the Email Studio to create eye-catching emails for clients. A great way to monitor your email marketing campaigns is to use this handy tool. You might even increase your return on investment by leveraging the built-in A/B testing capabilities, comprehensive predictive analytics, and email distribution tools.

If you want support with digital advertising and managing campaigns across many platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the Advertising Studio will be around to help.

4. Offers a wide variety of handy tools

There are a number of instruments available to your organization for the creation of extremely detailed, targeted, and profitable marketing campaigns. Here are some of them;

The Audience Builder – With the Audience Builder, you can generate a single, comprehensive picture of your consumers by combining data from several sources.

Content Builder – Content Builder enables you to create, manage, and report on content across all of your digital channels from a single location. The recommendation boxes also point out spots where you can click and drag to create material that can be reused in several places once you've created it only once. These complex simulations help you select and produce content that is tailored to each of your customers' needs.

Analytics Builder – If you want to know which of your campaigns is getting the most attention from your consumers, the Analytics Builder is the tool for you.

Journey Builder – When you use Journey Builder, you can create scale hops that incorporate sales and service activities. There are a wide range of metrics available to you, including CTRs (click-through rates), pace, platforms, and conversions, which you can use to track and optimize your performance.

5. Innovation

In order to be innovative, you need to be able to focus on your consumers and not worry about sales all the time. And that's precisely what Salesforce is there to assist you with.

The ability to begin and implement unique ideas is made possible thanks to this platform.

In light of this, Salesforce provides these possibilities to all of its users, at all levels, in order to foster creativity. This will allow the entire community to benefit and your overall business will flourish as a result of this.

6. Wellbeing centered customer satisfaction

Customers' well-being is an important consideration while delivering content. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud generates essential messages depending on each customer's level of satisfaction.

If, for example, a user has been grumbling about customer service, they may be less likely to read an email from a company offering renewal discounts. Therefore, until the customer service issue is remedied, marketing efforts will be halted and customers will be contacted to see whether the issue has been fixed.

As a result of this assessment, the company will decide how best to develop the customer's experience. It is also possible to personalize marketing efforts based on the information received by the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

7. Fosters trust, security, and protection

You can count on Salesforce Marketing Cloud to be reliable and safe. It shields your firm against nearly every imaginable threat, from industry rivals and business competitors, to unfair consumer theft, and everything in between. It also permits the encryption of data in transit between your company and customers. Because of the trust it builds, you'll have a long-term relationship with your customers.

Trust Enabled Analytics for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

To discover more about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or how it might benefit your business, or to have it set up, please contact us.

Enabled Analytics specializes in Salesforce setup and integration. We have over 100 certified Salesforce specialists with over ten years of expertise, so you can rely on us for Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation and customization to meet your specific business needs. Contact us or drop an email if you have any questions or concerns.

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