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Simplify configuration and create price quotes with precision by leveraging CPQ. Harness the power of Salesforce CPQ, Vlocity CPQ, and Apttus CPQ to maximize your success with Enabled Analytics.


Increased Quote Productivity


Faster Implementations


Reduced Quote Revisions


Cost Savings

Make your Quote-to-cash Process Faster than Ever!

Get organized and streamline your sales management process, generate quick yet accurate quotes and operate everything on a single platform. Surpass common sales hurdles effectively, speed up revenue generation, maximize ROI with AI-powered software and stay ahead effortlessly.

Leverage Pardot’s Features to Full-extent with Enabled Analytics

Visual Product Configurations        

Mobile-Friendly CPQ Solution

Guided Selling

Advanced Rules Engine

Automated Quoting and Pricing 

Reporting Management


Integration into ERP/CRM Systems

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Custom CPQ Implementation Services for Unique Business Needs

Your needs might differ, your goals may be different. Hence, to cater to your ever-changing needs, we arm you with our custom CPQ implementation services that help you get the most out of your investment. Meet all your distinctive needs and focus on your business goals while our teams lay the roadmap for your success. 

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60% Lesser Costs, 3X Speed

Get the industry experts by your side and launch in less time, at lesser cost. Our CoE teams not only bring decades of experience and effective strategies, but also bring data migration templates, pre-built data models, integration frameworks, apex utilities, and much more. These eliminate the need of starting from ground up and enable you to get started effortlessly. Now you can get ahead of the competition in no time and deploy your implementations at lightning speed. 


Flexible Engagement Models That Offer 
Commendable Talent

Need to pair with the right teams? Or need extra hands for your ongoing or new implementations? Get access to top-notch teams and increase and decrease team members on demand. Or, simply partner with us and get access to curated talent. 

Get More Done with CPQ


Build Memorable Experiences

Make your customers’ buying experience faster, easier, and more intelligent 




Unify every channel and revenue model into a frictionless buying and selling experience with less hassle


Performance in Real-Time

Use real-time analytics to reach your customers at the right time. Automatically fill in the opportunity record as you build your order to cash. Immediately generate an accurate first invoice for the customer based on previous account activities.


Make Integration Easy

Streamline configuration, pricing, and quote generation on one CPQ software. Build complex billing workflows with clicks, not code. Drive productivity and scale best practices with the help of Sales Engagement.

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