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Organization Assessment

A chaotic, messed-up org can be a result of an acquisition, fragmented business units & product lines, legacy baggage, poor implementation as well as tech debts.

Several organizations around the globe struggle to overcome this challenge. But, their efforts go in vain. Reasons behind unsuccessful attempts? Lack of right teams and implementation of ineffective strategies.

Oiled Orgs Come with A Price

Disorganized orgs may not cost you anything upfront. But an organization always pays the price in other hidden forms. These prices may look like:

  • Increased License Cost

  • Ineffective Enterprise Goals

  • Lack of Commonality

  • Misdirected Resources

  • Time Consumption

  • Excessive Rework

  • Undesired Outcomes

  • Data Duplication

Good News? Dodging the Bullet is Easy

Our Org Assessment Solution helps you do the lift and shift effortlessly. 


Initial Assessment

It only takes a quick health check to get on the right track. Our teams of experts assess the complete implementation, technical debts, technologies deployed, etc to bridge the gaps. 

Possible Resolutions

Based on the data collected during the initial assessment, our teams make effective suggestions and propose resolutions. You can choose to adopt all or you can choose to go forth with a few.

Execution Plan

Next step is to create a roadmap where we discuss the scope and configuration. To ensure you can carry out your business operations without any interruptions, we implement the lift & shift in phases.

Testing, Deployment & Training

Once we are done, we conduct the complete testing before deploying the solution. And before handing all the resources over, we train your people to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The Three Angles

We take your enterprise architecture, data architecture, and business vision into account, and create effective strategies to help you achieve your goals.

What You Achieve with Org Assessment 

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