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Doctor and Patient

Health Cloud

Create personalized care plans, effectively manage patient journeys, and make data-driven decisions, while engaging your patients effectively. Accomplish more by harnessing the expertise of Enabled Analytics top-drawer teams.


Faster Implementations


Lesser Costs

Revolutionize Health Care with Enabled Analytics

It’s time to redefine the patient and provider ‘engagement’. Leverage Salesforce Health Cloud to reinvent your patient, member, employee, and provider engagement landscape. With years of expertise in Salesforce, Enabled Analytics is your ideal partner to deliver the potential of Health Cloud to enhance your engagement processes.

Features that Empower Health Care

Patient-To-Patient Trips

Integration With Care Planning

 360° Patient Picture 

Patient-Specific Programs  

Real-Time Interaction  

Sales & Medical Device Optimization

Group Seflie

Custom Health Cloud Implementation Services for Outstanding Results

Want to customize your health cloud implementation to get desired results? Looking for specific features and tools to increase productivity? Enabled Analytics can enable you to achieve all of the above. With Enabled Analytics, you get custom implementation services that allow you to get the implementation your way, without any fuss. Customize various aspects and generate better outcomes without any hassle with Enabled Analytics.

Sales Representative

Get the Right Teams & Launch at 3X Speed

Pair with the right teams, and launch your health cloud implementation at 3X speed and at 60% lesser cost. Our flagship assets, accelerators, apex utilities, integration frameworks, pre-built data models, data migration templates, etc allow you to launch your implementation quickly and help you lay a solid foundation. Our quick starter packs enable you to start with a strong base, which eliminates the requirement of building everything from zero. Leverage the experience of our best-in-class CoE teams and transform your business today!

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Outstanding Talent, Flexible Engagement Models

Our flexible engagement models allow you to partner up with us or hire from us as per your business needs. Scale down or scale up on demand and cut down the time between the start and your success. 

More Benefits at Lesser Prices



Relevant and timely communication is the pillar of successful patient engagement. Personalize the engagement journey between your care coordinator, service agents and caregivers with Health Cloud. Enabled Analytics ensures that your Health Cloud implementation empowers the EHR data to provide the user with 360° patient information, including treatment plans, patient preferences and more. You can now engage with your customers in their preferred channel with the right communication at the right time.



Personalization plays a crucial role in attracting prospects and retaining members with long term relationships. Raise the bar in your member experience game with Health Cloud. Enabled Analytics ensures that with Health Cloud, payors have a superior member engagement process. They receive relevant and timely communication regarding authorization requests and claims through their channel and device of choice.


Medical Devices

Medical Devices
Managing relationships between providers, payers, and members is a complex process. With Health Cloud, Enabled Analytics can help you streamline the process so that your high performing sales team is equipped with the right information to effectively cross-sell and create quotes in a short timeframe.



Unlock the potential of Health Cloud to efficiently manage Clinical Trial Enrollment and streamline the execution of processes to improve patient support. While Enabled Analytics ensures that Health Cloud organizes and manages complex activities, you can devote your attention to productive outcomes from your programs.

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