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Discover Cloud

Envision having access to a next-gen solution that solves challenges that arise from code customisations such as Bulk and Scalability limitations, Poor Customer Experience, Several Mismanaged Releases and more

While code customizations allow you to adapt to the changing business requirements and user expectations, they also create performance degradations even in highly performant OOTB salesforce functionalities. 
Several enterprises struggle with custom code as it comes with numerous challenges. Custom code can easily keep your engineers occupied, hamper productivity of your teams, can result in recurring costs, while imposing scalability limitations. 

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It Requires a Greater Financial Commitment than You Expect

Poorly written code can easily lead to scalability issues. Your code might work very well with a limited amount of data, but fails when the bulk data is provided. The execution results in numerous errors and exceptions and if not fixed, it can lead to even bigger problems such as security threats and data breaches!

When the root cause of the failures remains unknown and unidentified, it can further delay the development, which postponed deployment, resulting in escalation in expenses. 

Ultimately, the poor quality code undermines customer experience which negatively impacts your customer conversions, retention and your revenue. 

Poor quality code also takes a toll on your teams and causes recurring rework and expenses.

Mismanaged Releases
Complex & Cluttered Solutions
Bulk & Scalability Issues
Poor Customer Experiences
Lesser Responsivenes
Lack of Best Practices
Decreased Productivity & Poor Decision Making
Misaligned Goals & Delayed Cutovers

Discover Cloud Empowers Your Engineering Teams

Discover Cloud is a robust solution that was crafted to measure, benchmark, gain insights and sustain. Discover Cloud empowers you to get the highest quality code for your applications. 
Discover Cloud enables you to set up meaningful benchmarks for your code which enables you to effectively evaluate the performance at each step, ensuring the passage of only top-tier code.  Not only Discover Cloud helps you recognize the parameters responsible for breaches, but also guides your teams to address and resolve specific issues. Additionally, Discover Cloud includes a Scheduler that enables automated testing for both, single as well as bulk transactions. Bulk testing also allows you to unveil the responsiveness, robustness and scalability of yourapplication. Lastly, Discover Cloud helps you stay up-to-date with the subscribe feature. 

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Perf Tracking


benchmarks and




Log Insights

Deep dive into


code that leads to breaches.



Automated tests at desired intervals for both, Single transactions and Bulk transactions.



Get insights on met and breached NRF matrix.



Conduct Bulk data testing and uncover your app's responsiveness, robustness and scalability.


Elevate Your Code’s Efficiency with
Discover Cloud

Discover Cloud can help you reshape your business by offering you numerous advantages that include: 

High-quality Deliverables
Time & Cost Savings
Continuous Improvement & Optimization
Better Releases & Informed Decision Making
Improved Applications
Better Customer Experiences
Multiplied Conversions & Increased Retention
Better Samples, Accuracy, Revenue & Maximised ROI

Drive continuous improvement and informed decision making while attaining finest customer experience with Enabled Analytics. 

What Our Customers Have Achieved with Us

And you can do it too!


Better Customer Experience


Reduced Opex 


Increase in Productivity Gains


Uplift in Maintainability and Agility

Discover the power of Discover Cloud by taking advantage of a free demo session today! Contact us today to schedule a call and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours!

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