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Sales Cloud

Sell like the Fortune 500 with Enabled Analytics. Boost your sales performance & maximize productivity while multiplying your revenue.


Increase in Sales Productivity





Increase in Sales Revenue


Increase in conversion rate

Transform more prospects into long-term customers 

A configured and well-implemented Sales Cloud empowers executives to sell smarter by providing them an efficient and effective AI-powered sales platform. The Sales Cloud is crafted to increase productivity and overall success of executives at the same time, as it provides a complete 360 degree view of customers, from start to finish. By adding personalization to your sales approach, you can effectively transform your potential customers into long-term clients seamlessly.

Best-in-class Features Designed to Empower Your Key Players

Sales Management Tools

Price & Product Logs

Task Management Tools

Process Automation

Lead Conversion Process

Automated Workflows

Contact Books

Data Analytics

Comprehensive Dashboards

AI-Powered Analytics

Automated Calling & Logs

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Leverage Our Custom Sales Cloud Implementation Services

At Enabled Analytics, we understand that every business is different, and so are the requirements. Hence, to ensure you get the most out of your investment, we provide you custom sales cloud implementation services that enable you to improve the overall performance, and provide better user experience while accelerating sales.

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Get Ahead Faster with Our Starter Packs and Accelerators

You can get it right the first time with the help of our CoE teams, without starting from scratch. Our integration frameworks, pre-built data models, data migration templates, and apex utilities provide you with a solid foundation to build upon and enable you to accelerate the process. Our flagship assets and accelerators are designed specifically to reduce the time of deployment. Get your implementations done at 3X speed and less than 60% lesser costs while staying ahead seamlessly. 

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Our Flexible Engagement Models Designed to Cater to Your Needs

Get the right talent, the right teams with years of expertise. Partner up with us for your implementations or hire our experts. Scale up and down as per your implementation teams and stay ahead without any fuss.

Achieve More with Our Sales Cloud Implementation




We implement the Sales cloud in a manner that helps executives at every stage as a digital coach. This enables them to meet their monthly goals effectively and consistently.


Accelerate Productivity

When Sales executives start making use of the app, they can record improvements in productivity. This brings massive improvements in the results as well as the data quality, which then provides better forecasts that fuel data-driven decisions.


Close More


Enabled Analytics also offers sales coaching, sales management, sales enablement, pipeline management, sales campaign, sales data and much more. Our unique and holistic approach ensures every executive is a top performing sales executive.


Eliminate Manual Tasks

Slash your spendings and digging around time in various spreadsheets and streamline processes while running your business seamlessly.

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