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Our Three Ways To Build An Accessible Workplace On Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

According to data based on the findings of the World Health Organization (WHO), around 1.3 billion people, which makes up 16% of the global population, have some type of disability. And even though there are several laws that protect people with disabilities from discrimination, several day to day barriers keep them from being an active and integral part of an organization.

For people with disabilities, these barriers could be physical, for example, an out of order elevator, missing wheelchair ramps, or lack of braille signs, etc. And sometimes, these barriers could be less visible, for example, social stigma, negative attitudes, communication barriers, etc. These barriers can become huge challenges for disabled people and can also keep them from getting employment in organizations.  

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Discrimination is not only confined to people with disabilities but it’s also faced by people belonging to different races, religions, gender orientations, sexual orientations, skin colors, national origin, and more. 

Building a diversity and disability inclusive workplace not only helps individuals by offering them access to diverse opportunities but also benefits organizations. Organizations can effectively gain access to a wider talent pool, fresh perspectives, new ideas and gain insights into the consumer base comprising people with disabilities or belonging to various groups. 

Enabled Analytics takes pride in being one of the diversity and disability inclusive workplaces and below are the three ways through which we have ensured diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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Accessible Hiring Process

People who come from various backgrounds, belong to different races and have different gender and sexual orientations often face discrimination when it comes to employment. Disabled people face much higher unemployment rates as compared to people without any disabilities.

At Enabled Analytics, we understand that there are several factors that can keep the qualified candidates from applying for various positions. Two of them are failing to empathize with the candidates and being unaware of the types of disabilities. 

Disabilities alone can be divided into 13 categories! Several disabilities can be visible but there are many disabilities such as mental health conditions like emotional disturbances or autism, that can be less obvious.

Hence, it becomes extremely important for us as employers to be mindful while hiring for new roles. As employers, our goal is to hire top early talent and there are several steps we take at Enabled Analytics to ensure our hiring process is highly accessible for everyone. How do we do it? Here’s how: 


Simpler Job Postings

At Enabled Analytics, we understand that using heavy jargon and complex information can be intimidating even for qualified candidates. Hence, our recruiters stay informed about conscious bias and make use of simpler, easy to understand, unbiased language to ensure it’s not challenging for the candidates with a disability. Also, we ensure our postings are screen reader and other assistive technology friendly to make the process of applying for the job hassle-free. We also understand that mentioning that we support people with disabilities and people belonging to different genders, backgrounds, races, and more is also important to showcase our organization's values and to make candidates feel comfortable.

Flexible Interview Process

At Enabled Analytics, we understand the physical challenges that are faced by people with disabilities. There are several people who also feel stuck and anxious when it comes to traveling long distances and attending interviews face to face. Hence, our teams conduct virtual or telephonic interviews to ensure candidates can feel comfortable during the interview process. 

Informed Hiring Teams

To ensure our teams are informed, we conduct training sessions on a time to time basis to ensure the interview and hiring process remains unbiased. Our teams receive training on assistive technologies, accessibility, and more to ensure the new team members feel welcomed.

Continuous Support 

At Enabled Analytics, we understand that hiring is just the first step. One of our goals while hiring is also to ensure a lasting impact of our efforts and maximum employee retention rates. Hence, we offer continuous support to all our team members to ensure their continued professional development.

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Our new team members as well as team members with disabilities receive equal, continuous skill building opportunities and mentorship to ensure their consistent professional growth. 

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Employee Resource Groups 

To foster a sense of belonging, we promote the formation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups are employee led groups that help team members with common backgrounds support and help each other. These groups are a great way of raising awareness about common issues, highlighting common challenges and struggles, keeping the management informed, and promoting communication and camaraderie among the team members. 

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Feedbacks Sessions

When employees feel they have a voice and their opinions are heard, they feel valued. At Enabled Analytics, we also understand that feedback helps us improve and upgrade ourselves. Hence, we promote one on one discussions and continuous anonymous surveys to ensure employees can share their concerns and suggestions to help us improve.

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Diverse Work Arrangements

To ensure our employees can work effectively, we ensure they can work from wherever they feel most comfortable and most productive. Hence, we promote flexible hours as well as remote work so that everyone can achieve a work-life balance.

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Making Employees Feel Valued

Different perspectives and fresh ideas are the cornerstones of innovation. Unfortunately, even today, people from various backgrounds and with disabilities feel unheard and undervalued. They still remain untapped resources. 

At Enabled Analytics, we ensure our employees feel equally heard by ensuring our team leads are trained in being inclusive in their interactions and decision making process. 

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Equal Opportunities

We provide our employees with equal access to job training, equal pay, career progression prospects, and various benefits such as paid leaves, medical leaves, maternity leaves, paternity leaves, insurance, etc.

Fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility in Workplace

The workplace must be accessible to all and to ensure it remains accessible, we at Enabled Analytics promote diversity, equity, and inclusion as everyone’s responsibility. From leadership to employees, we understand that it’s all about teamwork, and the involvement of each and every individual matters.

Employees belonging to various backgrounds, having different gender orientations, belonging to different races, and having disabilities bring fresh ideas to the table and help an organization increase productivity through their continuous efforts. And at Enabled Analytics, we are committed to ensuring our employees feel comfortable, valued, and heard. 

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